4am – again

There is something a little different about 4am on certain days.

4am Project - 24/4/11 in Llandudno

I think it’s when you know there is a lot more people all around the UK, and the world at their respective 4am’s, that makes taking photographs that little bit more… rewarding.

The 4am Project is something i’ve blogged about before and taking part in before. It’s something I enjoy, and a lot of people around the UK and the world enjoy, judging by the website and the Flickr group.

The premise is simple. Take your camera to wherever, inside or out, and photograph the world as you see it at 4am. The creativity you can get out of it is outstanding. I’m not sure how it works for other photographers, but I see the world I live in totally differently at 4am. For instance, boring objects like this boulder or a water fountain take on a different charm when you see them, standing still, with the natural elements of the sea crashing around you, and the seagulls crying in the early morning glow.

Last night was a bit different too. Alex Crawford, a contact on Flickr and Twitter, was wondering for places to go other than Stoke-on-Trent. He suggested Llandudno may be an idea, and I told him what he could find. He popped down for the 4am project, with his daughter Crawford Junior. The results of their work can be seen on their Flickr streams.

You can also hear the sounds of what it was like, and my thoughts during it, in this audioboo:

It’s something else the 4am project gives. I very much doubt anyone would say “yes, i’ll drive 100 miles across the country to take photos alongside a person i’ve never met, in the middle of the night, for no genuine reason”. However, the reason of it being in tandem with a lot of other photographers, insomniac or not, busy or quiet, and of different levels of interest, ability and style, even though you are not quite present, means the project thrives.

4am Project - 24/4/11 in Llandudno

It started in 2008, and is still going strong. People are getting involved and learning about the project all the time, and it’s giving a lease of inspiration to people who, like myself, become a bit tired of their home town, and thinking “what is their to do differently?” It also gives people like Alex the chance to explore different places – I could almost say the excuse to go out and explore.

Next time it comes round, I will be taking part again. I hope you do too.