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How to do video on the fly

Today, as part of the City Interhacktives website, we decided to record a video for the site. But, what to record it on?

We were looking for a 90 second to two minute video, straight to the website really. Nothing fancy. The image above is quite simply all you really need, apart from the computer to edit it on.

It doesn’t have to be exactly the same kit, but it can be variations of it, and it’s nice and easy to carry around with you, ready to interviews on the fly. I used:

  • A Panasonic GF3 Micro four-thirds HD camera.
  • A Marantz PMD 620 recorder
  • A mini tripod
  • Available light.
This is the finished product:

(and this is the website that explains the video in more context)

I set the Panasonic GF3 on to manual focus and set it to record under constant light conditions. I framed and focused it, and put it on the table near by, at a near eye-level height.
I put the recorder as closely as possible to the subjects mouth to record the audio, on the table. This is important, as you will not always get the best audio from on board camera microphones. I used the on board Marantz microphones, as they are really quite fantastic, and pointing at the subject, with manual level control.
Light was the strip lights in the room. The subject sat back beneath the lights to rid of bad shadows as much as possible.
Record the audio in 48khz, match it to the clip in whatever editor you chose, and export, preferably at full HD res because it’s for the web and people can then choose what they want to view it at.
Sit back and enjoy good, easy to make, and basic web video.

One thought on “How to do video on the fly

  1. The shot is nicely composed and lit too. Nice to know the background to this. Would advise cueing the interviewee to answer in more depth and include the question in their answer so you don’t have the off-camera audio of the interviewer.