The Best of British Music

Covent Garden, UK
This list that follows is what I have for my radio show on Tudno FM tonight (Thursday) from 10pm.

It is by no means exhaustive, so please add to it with the form at the bottom. It’s just what I have put in my playlist to play some of the best of British music.

6 links for the week and 1 from the past: 29/7/12

Airbus A380 at Manchester Airport, Being Huge and Taking Off. Also, A321 and Boeing 737

The Airbus A380 started regular services at Manchester Airport in 2010.

I haven’t been to the airport to see it since it arrived. Every time i’ve been, it was too late for it. I finally managed to get up there today to see it.

Manchester Airport-9

It’s an absolutely huge beast, as this picture shows. The Airbus A321 is only as long as one of its wings and the fuselage.

A321 versus A380 size comparison

It still draws a big crowd – the viewing park started filling up at around 1345, as its take off time approached. It’s, clearly, very popular with plane spotters, simple enthusiasts and regular people alike.

Airbus A380 Lifts Off

The fact it can get off the ground does defy belief. It’s so heavy and huge that the power it needs to generate the lift is astounding… but it manages it, and even though I know the physics behind it, as do most people who’ve ever studied flight in school, it’s still great to watch and be amazed as it stumbles into the sky.

Of course, I still took pictures of other aircraft too, starting with this Easyjet Airbus A320:


And this Monarch Airbus A321:

Monarch Airbus A321

And finally, this Boeing 737-700 from KLM:

Boeing 737-700

Hope you enjoyed these pictures. I enjoyed my day out!

Amazing time-lapse over Earth from the International Space Station

This just needs sharing as an example of something that just made me go wow..

It’s hundreds ¬†(thousands) of images taken from the International Space Station of the Earth as it orbits the parts of the Earth¬†during night time. The views it captures are outstanding, and definitely the pinnacle of time-lapse photography..

Sit back and watch it. It’s under 4 minutes and it’s definitely going to make you want to go to space!

View from the ISS at Night from Knate Myers on Vimeo.

See. Amazing.